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Depalletizer, canning line, labeling and marking unit and rotary table


The HMI display has handy integrated buttons to conveniently monitor and control all processes

Canning Line for Cans

Pressure & Temperature

Important parameters: at least 24 hours before canning, prepare a fermenter pressure of 0,8 bar and a temperature of at least +1ºC.

Air & CO2

Compressed dry air of 6 bar is required to run the canning line. CO2 gas is used to expel air from cans. CO2 is our best friend in the filling process. Prepare enough CO2 gas to use for primary oxygen scavenging and to pressurize the fermenter during the process.


We follow all your internal disinfection processes, but prepare all the CIP vessels, the water at the right temperature and the CIP ingredients to save you time on disinfection.

Product Supply

The product to be filled is fed to the line via a DN40 connection. The mobile canning line has a three-clamp connection, CO2 and compressed air are standard high-speed connections. A 230VAC three-phase power supply and a connector with good earthing are also required.

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Technical Specifications


Requires a 230VAC 3kW three-phase power supply and a well-grounded connector.


The entire disinfection process is conveniently controlled by buttons on the HMI display. Compressed air and CO2 gas.

Atmospheric filling method

When a group of cans enters the filling zone, pneumatic barriers lock the group and prevent it from moving forward until all the cans are filled with product. The cans are filled with product to the intended level under pressure in the product tank.

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