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We have knowledge and experience in designing, manufacturing and commissioning of canning lines

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We have knowledge and experience in designing, manufacturing and commissioning of canning lines. We help manufacturers to automate beverage canning lines. We pour alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages of any viscosity. We pick up solutions of the required performance, cost-effective and adaptable to 0.33L, 0.44L, 0.5L and 0.568L cans.









Cans Instead of Bottles

Which is better, the can or the bottle? Most people who are asked will say the bottle. Surprisingly, sales of beer in cans are rising, while sales of beer in glass containers are falling. The use of cans has a wide variety of myths. The most popular myth about cans is the metallic taste sensation. Cans are coated on the inside with a specially designed layer (polyvinylite) which prevents the beer from coming into contact with metal, so the metallic taste of the beer is not really accepted. It is just our beliefs and the effect of visual information on taste. Another myth about drinks in cans is that drinks in bottles taste better. Again, this is just an emotional feeling with no basis in taste. For example, beer in cans is not exposed to light. Beer's biggest enemies are oxygen and light. No brewer wants his beer to be poured into a transparent container. Cans are completely impervious to light, so they retain their flavour perfectly.

Canning Line for Cans

Productivity depends on the level of carbonation and can be up to 2000 pcs/h for 0.33L cans. The canning line consists of the following units:


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